The Weaver

My debut novel, THE WEAVER will be released in 2019.

In a Pacific Northwest town steeped in mysticism and magic, Memphis is the revered weaver. People love her baby wraps and claim they have medicinal powers. But superstition hangs heavily in the community, too. If they found out that Sam is the secret father to her baby, it would destroy not only her reputation, but business.

When Sam is murdered, everyone finds out about the affair, including his wife. Harriet has had agoraphobia for the last decade, and had no clue her husband was cheating on her with the town weaver. Grieving her lost marriage fuels her desire to get out of the house, especially since a murderer is on the loose.

As a suspect in the investigation, Memphis cannot imagine life getting any worse. In order to clear her name, Memphis digs for evidence about Sam’s killer. It becomes clear that beneath Pine Ridge’s bucolic appearance lives a sinister past. As Memphis reconstructs the pieces, she almost wishes she’d left well enough alone. But when she finds a good friend hanging from the rafters of the Farmer’s Market— beside an envelope with emails stating that she, Harriet and the baby are slated to be the next victims—she heads to her cabin. Harriet may hate her, but they must form an unlikely friendship to figure out who killed Sam– before it’s too late.

At its heart, THE WEAVER is about the power of women– whether mothers and daughters, sisters, lovers, or the most unlikely friendships– they come together and weave their own sort of magic.